Hmm…Life is…..

As i told you we(me and chanux as always) went to asahanaya’s house in Thursday (14th) evening. We were planning to get in to the Colombo bus early in the morning with David and Randy(Asanka & Naya). although we had to sleep early to get up early, I couldn’t sleep coz I am addicted to sleep late in the night. No need to tell about chanux David and Randy Thanks to Suntel they’ll never sleep early with their Night Owl Internet package πŸ™‚ . By trying and trying i was able to crash at abt 11.30PM i just remember Randy configuring all four alarms(even phone alarms) so that we’ll get up on time……..
When i woke up in the morning at 1.15 AM I found that Asa had a problem with his health.It looks like there’s some thing wrong with Asa’s stomach.He was trying to hide his heaviness and make us go to Colombo leaving him alone at home. But he was wrong about his friends, all three of us were planning to stay home with Asa and leave the other two to go.Asanka’s mango buddy Randy left the idea of going Colombo without Asa and took the decision to stay.Nicely done! Randy. Asa is so lucky to have such a nice friend like you and so am I. So this whole scene ended by Randy staying home to look after Asanka.
It seems that the tittle of ma last post is valid not only for me but also for the rest of the world. Or whole universe. No need to surprise coz I took that verse from the “Dhammapadha” a Buddhist book which teaches the way to live happily.After all the Buddha’s teachings are universal truth. Anyway here’s that part from “Dhammapadha”. See how true is it coz the first line isn’t the only line which matches our scene but the third also.

Health is the precious gain
and contentment ,the greatest wealth.
a trustworthy person is the best kinsman,
“Nibbana” the highest bliss.

“The Buddha’s way, the path to freedom”



Arogya Parama Laba!(Helth is the precious gain)

OK OK OK! sorry for the delay. i really mean that. I had a damn problem with ma left arm so no typing at all.Oh man, You should loose the control of a body part of yours to find out how useful that part was. πŸ™‚ It all happened on Sunday, the day we came back home from was about 1 PM when i get into, for ppl who donn’o) had ma lunch and straight in to ma bed……
It was about 6.00 PM when i get up. Suddenly i realized that ma left hand is cramped. I spend the night and next morning hoping ma hand will be fine but no good news. So our family Doctor was ma only hope.Doc figured out the problem and told me “don’t worry it’s just because your arm needs some rest” πŸ™‚ .I wish that was Doc’s last word for that session.Unfortunately it wasn’t. err… i couldn’t believe ma ears when the Doc told me “You’ll have to halt for a week” So here i am typing ma blog after that long week. ma left arm works fine now although not in maximum performance .I spent the whole week by using all input HW from ma right that Sucks!.OK enough giving excuses. See ma next post which i’ll post within couple of hours after posting this to get an idea about the SF day in the island.


At last!

At last!
I got my self in to blogging.Ever since i was in the cyber world, i was really good at reading blogs, but never with having a blog for ma self. Although there were lots of things happening in my crazy life. Because of my busy life style i had no time to keep a blog. Not that was too lazy to post them in to a blog πŸ˜‰ so everybody can join and share my life experience with me. Anyway i’m doing so now.

I’m not planning to shout out loud an introduction about ma self at this moment I’ll let the time introduce me as it flows. So at this moment all i have to tell about ma self is that i’m a 20 year old guy who loves to spend life free & cool, not free as in free beer neither as in free software πŸ™‚ although i love FOSS, i hate when people try to modify my “life source code”. It drives me nuts when that happens and it’ll be really bad to those who try to do so.

The reason for not introducing ma self properly at this time is my absence of leisure, as usual. And theres some special things which makes the situation worse. As the “free software day” is in 16th sep , me and ma worst best friends chanuX with “asa ha naya” (check how it is spelled) are planning to go to colombo to join the LKLUG guys so we could spread the word of “freedom” over the mountains of our beautiful island. As our (mine and chanuX’s) Linux guru ven.Ilgo is planing to go to peradeniya university to meet some other thero (monk) and switch him in to FOSS, we decided to spend those empty days to have some fun by meeting other sri lankan FOSS users to checkout whats happening there on the outside our (cyber)world. Asanka & Nayomal (you guessed it asahanaya!) too promised to join us as they were always happy to join us.

So now i got to stop typing this and get out to the outside world to buy some essential stuff for our journey.I have a feeling that next few days will make me work like “speedy gonsarleys” coz i got lots to do in a short period of time.Hope to send a post containing latest info as soon as possible. Until then Adios!

(P.S. I couldn’t post this thing coz i had probs with ma net connection so I’m posting this) on Sunday evening after finishing our journey to colombo. Checkout my next post to find out about our journey.)