Dear Department! is the official web site of sri lanka’s Department Of Examinations. According to ma knowledge this is the site which most people visit these day’s and it’s also the site which get blamed and cursed most. This is because of the stupid/false announcements made by Mr.Anura Edirisinghe, the commissioner of D.O.E. The results of G.C.E. A/L exam 2006 is about to be issued and the students who faced the exam including ma self and Chanux willing to see what’ll happen to our future. But this so called “commissioner” of DoE seems to be playing with the heartbeats of every A/L result pending Student of Sri Lanka. We all remember what that nerd did last time last time (in 2005 A/L) and tried to hide his misdeeds by blaming those “good old” computers, like a cat that defecated on a rock 😆
Even this time proving that he is the same guy who were last year he announced the media that the results of A/L exam will be issued in Saturday 30th September and we checked the web whole day and we saw nothing then he said “Oh I forgot about Jaffna so Monday will be the day kids!” and on Monday we heard an announcement that we’ll have to wait till Wednesday so here we are on Thursday 05th Oct morning at 2.45 am still checking the site which wasn’t updated since April 2006. Is this behavior suitable for a Commissioner of a government department? Specially DOE ? I don’t know coz I’m just 20 year old guy with not much experience in life. But believe me I know enough to say, that even a 13 year old dumb kid is far better for the post of Commissioner of DOE than Mr. Anura Edirisinghe.
Anyway Dear Mr.President! Why don’t you keep this position in the DoE empty? It’s far better than keeping this joker in this post 😆


5 Responses to “Dear Department!”

  1. Lakshan Says:

    So it seems the results are out now. How you guys have done ?

  2. seejay Says:

    Hi Guys!

    Thanks for being interested on our result.
    Ok this is what happend to Good old me!

    Index Number – 1928910

    District rank – 158
    Physics – B (recorrection pending coz i’m really good)
    Maths – C (recorrection pending coz same as Phy)
    Chemistry- S (Thank God! This is more than enough)

    I was planning to do an IT degree in APIIT or SLIIT. but my teachers are forcing me to repeate coz they think that i’m smart enough to get in to Engineering faculty in UOM. Am I?

  3. Amaran Says:

    Hello Bro,

    I neeed to talk to you urgently. I need to get some info..Can you help me? Thank you,

  4. seejay Says:

    yes Amaran, Whats wrong?

  5. hasitha deshan Says:

    i have forgotten my index number A/L exam 2013 what can i do for that plzz help me?

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