Life made easy with Flock

Hi guys i’m typing this post with the help of an open source browser called flock. It seems to be interesting coz this browser has a builtin blog posting software which support not only wordpress but also Typepad, Movable type, MetaWeblog, Blogger & Atom. And the next best thing is this browser is using the source codes of our good old buddy FireFox!. This thing Looks like FF with a new colour and extensions installed. I’m hoping to keep this browser handy for ma blog posting, but FF is gonna be with me for a looong time than this coz i’m still using it for browsing. I think FF guys must be carefull with this competiting “Twin Brother”

Oh! and for the guys (or gals) who are interested with ma results see the comments of ma last post 😉


Blogged with Flock


6 Responses to “Life made easy with Flock”

  1. Eranda Says:

    That sounds cool. Anyway is it freely available to download?.

  2. chanux Says:

    Hey!!! It’s not FireFox,It’s Firefox.

  3. seejay Says:

    Yes Eranda! Its free Go to or just google for “flock”
    And chanux! thanks for being smart 😆

  4. chanux Says:

    Heh! I’m just a Firian(?) who loves Firefox instead of a girl.You guys don’t stop the thing by using Firy(Firefox) to enhance ya browzing experience.Come & get involved in the community.

    Chaoss-Fireup the world

  5. Gnom Says:

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