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OK guys here it is…..
    After the last couple of posts i published here. Someone(guess who?) found my poor writings πŸ˜‰ interesting enough to read, and offered me a new deal. Guess what! now I’m the Editor Of the upcoming C….C……DOTorg. Whooo hooo!….Oops! gotta behave well now πŸ˜€ Anyways I’m sorry I won’t tell you the site Url coz its a Surprise!!! Hopefully I’ll give it in ma next post. I think now you guys can understand how busy I was,in last week. I had to work with ma full potential coz we @ needs to give you guys the best. Ok! what so special about CC.Org? you might ask.
    Nothing special! except its being updated (daily,hopefully!) by a bunch of tech Geeks,who knows nothing more to do, than sitting in front of the computers, even in the Breakfast /lunch/ Dinner time πŸ˜€ But I’m Sure, these guys (including me) will make sure that you get the best out of the web.
    So I think I’ve given you enough excuses for my sudden disappearance,and i got to get back to work now coz got damn lot to do! Oh did you see that? i didn’t even had enough time to put a caption to ma previous post but thanks to my blogging  tool Performancing it was automatically named as post1 πŸ˜€



Hi Guys!
    I’m sorry i couldn’t bring any new stuff during the previous week. But I got  good excuse for that πŸ˜€ Guess what! I’m up to some thing new! something really fresh!! and something with a spirit!!! Got Lot to tell you……….But reallly busy……will atell you everything with in few hours……..and thats a promise………


FirefoX RoX! here are some haX Part 1

    Remember some guys blamed me that there’s no use in opening Firefox inside Firefox? πŸ‘Ώ . Ok! Here is an useful one. πŸ˜€
    You know what happens when you type a “word” in the Firefox address bar right? yes it gives a Google search on that “word”. As an example if we type “wordpress” in the address bar and press Enter key then Firefox will Google for “wordpress”.
    But what if you want to go to or ?. Ok here is the trick!
    First open a new tab in Firefox by pressing Ctrl+T type “ANYTHING” in the address bar and press Ctrl+Enter It will automatically add http:// and .com and go to
    If you press Shift+Enter It will go to and pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter will automatically add http:// and .org and will go to
    How cool is that?… πŸ˜• well, not that cool.But I’m sure its useful

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Forbidden side of a web site-See what web sites hide from you

It seems my previous trick (or hack) on Firefox has become a bit famous.isn’t it? Anyways! Here is another hack (man! am I becoming a life hacker or what! πŸ™„ ) this is a really curious thing to check out.
We all know what search engines do right? yes Search! baby search! they search every where for everything. And what do web site owners do? The do various SEO (search engine optimization) stuff to make the things easy for the search engines so the SE’s will search the directories inside the web sites easily and bring more traffic to the site!. Hm… Ok C.J.! enough of the technical stuff,why are you telling us all this? This is why…
Do you know that there are some directories in web sites that they don’t want the general public to know about? Well, there are! Then what do the site owners do to hide them from us? They bribe the search engines πŸ˜€ Hm…
well what they do is put a text file including the directory names, that should be excluded when searching. So the search engines read that file first and exclude their content in the search results page……
But you know that us geeks can’t stay out of trouble right? Yes! there’s a way you can see what are the hidden directories are! All you got to do is put /robots.txt after the domain name and see what the site owners don’t want you to see 😈
How about checking out what Mr.Bill Gates got to hide from us? πŸ˜€ Here you go
And what about larry and sergei? yeh!

And guys(and gals) you better not to use this with or else Our good old buddy Matt will kick me out of WP 😯 .Well,he is a very open guy and may not have anything to hide πŸ˜€ But why take the risk πŸ˜†
Disclaimer : This is highly for educational purposes and I have no responsibility for any trouble you get involved with this.

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Sri lanka Invaded the blogging world yesterday!

    Please don’t think that I’m in a great ego guys. But I’m Soooo happy coz of my blog stats. At the time I’m posting this I got 70,705 hits on ma blog (top left hand corner). Not bad for a poor Sri Lankan blogger huh?…My blog was the “blog of the minute ” on for hours! Which means that my blog was the hottest blog of all at that time. Believe me buddies it rocks!!!.I’m still in the home page for “todays hot blogs” 😳 . Oh and I almost forgot to tell you guys that I was in the number 1 position on top 10 πŸ˜€ yesterday.
    Yes I’m really happy to have this kind of stats.I was a bit lazy in da past to post blog entries and few days ago I started to post with a new spirit! I’m glad I did so. And I’m really thankful to guys (and Gals) who commented on my previous post, and to all other blog viewers. I’ll try my best to keep my blogging spirit going. So guys watch out for quality content!
PS:- Oh! and I was wondering are there any Sri Lankan bloggers who reached the 50,000 or 100,000 level of stats? Or there might be bloggers who got more than that πŸ™„

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Firefox Logo on my front gate!

Hey! this crazy idea came to my mind while I was having an evening walk with Firy (Firefox’s pet name).Hm…. yeah!yeah!! yeah!!! I know what you are going to say. How can you have a walk with Firefox? right? Well, Its true that firy can’t walk in the road or in the beach. But there is a fantastic place where you can take firy (firefox) to a walk. Yes! the World Wide Web (WWW) πŸ˜€ Is there any better places to go with the most romantic browser of all? Anyways this isn’t what I’m going to tell you.
So this is the idea which came to my mind. My dads going to have a new front gate to our garden and he is planning to have a Design (maybe the symbol of our family πŸ˜€ ) on it. And you have already guessed what I am planning to have as the Symbol right? yes, what else? Firefox logo πŸ˜€ Wow! it rocks me when imagining how the local geeks 😯 will behave when they saw the Ff logo on my gate 😈 I’m sure they’ll become green with Jealousy :mrgreen:
But there are some problems in making this possible. I’m not sure whether the local gate manufacturers are capable of redesigning the Ff logo with metal. And the biggest one is making dad’s mind to take the decision to use Ff logo, Maybe I’ll win these problems and succeed, or maybe dad will send me to a mental hospital to have a brain chk πŸ™„ Believe me there’s a huge possibility for the send one πŸ˜†
Oh! And I was wondering, Are there any Firefox fans who got the Firefox logo on your gate or on the front door? Or do I have to take the Patent for this gorgeous Idea? πŸ™„
Happy Hacking!

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Firefox Inside Firefox

Hellow Fellows!
You know that many of us spend lot of our computing time on the internet and most of that time we use Firefox tabs to open all our favorite sites and services inside Firefox right?, yes, Gmail inside Ff, Yahoo inside Ff, ebay inside Ff, Banking inside Ff ect. ect. ect… With all these favorites inside Firefox, How about opening Firefox inside Firefox? Not bad ha? and its really easy too! just type in this url in a new tab in Firefox and there you go! Firefox inside Firefox!


Disclaimer: I guarantee that this will work with Firefox. But I have no responsibility of any damage that cause Internet Explorer users by Using this with IE to Open Firefox inside IE πŸ˜†

update: feel free to visit my new blog for more Firefox tricks!