Wanna Learn Hacking? Part I

    Hey guys! this is for all those wanna be hackers out there. Theres a great site for hackers from newbies to l33ts.As the site admins call it, its a free, safe and legal training ground for hackers to test their skills. Yes its not just a hacker wargames site.The site community is huge and its a living site for sure! Ok! ok!! without further ado, here is the site
    I must be really thankful to my linux guru ven.Ilgo for sending me this site address. Thank you so much Hamuduruwane! You are the best teacher ever!


PS:- I called thisone Hackin Part 1 coz I’m gonna have many blog posts on hacking. But I just don’t know when to post another one of this kind. Maybe I’m always ready for my next Hacking post ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh and I’d like to help anyone who is interested in hacking(But guys, I’m still not a l33t ok). So stay tuned!

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88 Responses to “Wanna Learn Hacking? Part I”

  1. Jagmohan Singh Khurmi Says:

    Hi friend, I am very much curious about hacking…tell me a thing or two please…

  2. Josh Says:

    tsk tsk, hack to learn not learn to hack!

    Seeing as that won’t stop anything, you should probably stress how long it takes in this “I want everything here and now” world. Maybe mentioning that they’ll never be able to hack Yahoo, Hotmail etc except via social engineering (effectively getting the other person to tell you their password…). C++ (a low high-level language) is also a must to help understand what you’re doing as well.

  3. Vista OEM bios emulator crack Says:

    Dugg! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Its cool.. Keep it up.. Give more info with deep details.

  4. Caty Says:

    hi guys :d

    Can anyone learn me to hack
    if somebody can help me we will speake in mesenger :

  5. Anku Says:

    hi there to one who is trying to spread tips regaurding hacking.
    I know not fully but almost half way to use c++.
    ok !! but when u guys say that u shld knw c++ , java ,etc kinda things then what shld i do to hack something . That is for what i m totally confused. Considering i knw how to operate c++ then what shld i generate frm that so that i can hack…………….hope u have understood what i m talking abt. PLZ PLZ PLZ help me regaurding this if u can.
    Mail me at latawaz@yahoo.co.in

  6. ian Says:

    hi im new to this, im a hard ware technician so im not really in to programming. but i now have an interest in hacking and would like to know where do i start would like to learn about hacking, so what should i do and where do i begin.


  7. Hacker Says:

    Just visit http://www.hacking.co.in to learn A-Z about hacking ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. enrique Says:

    hey guys hello.im anoop frm india.im new to this hack world.plz tell me how to hack.plz give information on this article

  9. Vinod Says:

    hi me too like to learn hacking im not a programmer, or hardware tech, but i solve problems by internet search. im pretty much interest into hacking any one who can interest to teach me hacking..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Rohan Says:


    If you want to learn hacking, u can contact innobuzz.. website is innobuzz.in .

    They provide seminars on ethical hacking and Information Technology security to the corporate world. last chacked they wre providing a course for ethical hacking too,.

  11. {A.B.I} Says:


  12. weluzer Says:

    owh..man..!! too many peoples wanna be a hacker..it’s good..so…….i do have my question..could you guys tell me what should i learn to be come a hacker…opps, one thing..do hackers can make money…?? how..??

  13. yahoo_help Says:

    thats a secret yahoo site

  14. aryan Says:

    thanx nice trick

  15. vijay Says:

    gre8 trick.it works really

  16. robin Says:

    thanks thats a nice trick. it relly works

  17. bumpy johnson Says:

    thanks its a easy trick of yahoo id hacking

  18. bumpyjohnson Says:

    thanks its a easy trick of yahoo id hacking

  19. rubina Says:

    nice trick thanks

  20. rubina Says:

    amazing trick

  21. Akash Says:

    Hello to all cool guys
    I want to learn hacking
    I am new to learn hacking
    Plz mail me at akashbhamu94@live.com


  22. 101celsius Says:

    hi, i m new here….i want to noe if a cmd.exe file inside need a password to function on…then hw i could hack in or gt the password from??

  23. 101celsius Says:

    hi, i m new here….i want to noe if a cmd.exe file inside need a password to function on…then hw i could hack in or gt the password from?? thanx….

  24. prasad Says:

    Hello to all cool guys
    I want to learn hacking
    I am new to learn hacking
    Plz mail me at

  25. marshell Says:

    hey dude this is marshell frm mumbai want 2 learn hacking i have some knowledge can anyone teach me thn add me we shall do it 2gether marshell08111990@yahoo.com

  26. andy Says:

    man…i want to learn hacking ….pleaase contact me at andy4all2all@yahoo.com plssss

  27. Arijeet mitra Says:

    if u want to break windows XP password…………..
    wen the blue screen displays and the password is needed,just press ctrl+alt+del then the black screen display comes in that u will needed user name and password.delete the user name and type ADMINISTRATOR and press enter.if the administrator password is not given inn the begning wen windows xp is loded then u will be able to open it.
    and now change reamove the passward from user account

  28. ashish Says:

    hey can any 1 teach me how 2 hack my email id is timbaland1099@yahoo.co.in

  29. ashish Says:

    hey I couldn’t get that one ,i done all those thing but i haven’t the the email rpy plzzzzz help me out

  30. kenny Says:

    can somebody help me to hack goodspeed151@yahoo.com‘s password ?

    please send the password to my e-mail/msn : ka-@live.ca PLZ

  31. nash_al88 Says:

    teach me how to hack network…disable firewall or etc

  32. walex Says:

    i’m curious i need to learn how to hack or hack to learn

  33. ovick Says:

    hai i want 2 learn abaut hacking……….plz plz plz plz help me……i wnt 2 prve my self……….im da best…….jst cntact wid me.

  34. piyush Says:

    i wan’t 2 learn hacking but i don’t any language like C++,
    java, .net , etc but i have a zeal to learn this language, plz help me. from which language i start learn.

  35. kampanye damai pemilu Indonesia 2009 Says:

    nice post, Thank for this reference

  36. sunil Says:

    Hii !!
    i have tried to hack the yahoo password but it is not working..

  37. sunil Says:

    i wants to hack the internet server and computer. So please send mr the procedure on my given E mail ID

  38. utsav Says:

    hi i want to learn hacking fast please somebody tell me about hacking and how yo hack..

  39. aakash Says:

    tell me 2…….

  40. Neeraj kumar Says:

    saaaaaloooo sab ko ullluu banate ho


  41. Demone Says:

    hay hi

    Hay hi any one hackers here na could u tell me coz i wanna to learn hacking so can u tell me any one…


  42. Demone Says:


    Tis my mail id can u send some tricks and tips hacking side am waiting for tat deatil hackers plz

  43. Raj Says:

    Hey u all fools, who hv tried The yahoo. Trick… Tht mail id ‘retrieve_pass_tm@yahoo.Co.In’ is belong to ths blog honour … I think so… He made u all fool… Hahaha … U send him ur mail id and password !!! Nw asap change ur mail password else he has already hacked ur id !!! Fooools… ๐Ÿ˜€

  44. AbZY Says:

    He dude its too cool site..
    he dude can u teach me deep hacking thts online haking….

  45. sam Says:

    i have tried to hacking yahoo id and chat box plz tell me how to hacking

  46. sam Says:

    hey guys tell me about online yahoo chat box hacking

  47. sam Says:

    i want just tricks of yahoo chat box if u know than plzzzz

  48. nirav Says:

    hey ,can you tell me about the buffer over flow that i had read somewhere to crack password.. can u explain me about it deeply………?Plz mail me ….

  49. sonam Says:

    first learn how to fuck

  50. hacker Says:

    Its an amazing site, why are you saying its invalid? There are soo many articles on hacking.co.in , I cant stop reading them

  51. arjun Says:

    hiiii pls tell me ………………..
    hw to hack email id
    i want to be a best hacker in d world……..

  52. julf Says:

    i want just tricks of yahoo chat box if u know than plzzzz

  53. Nikhill Sax Says:

    I want to learn hacking , especially accounts . Please contact me at my e-mail or reply here only .

  54. sumit pugalia Says:

    ny 1 plzzzz help me in learning hackingg…..

  55. Mohit Says:

    Hi member this this is mohit from india i wanna some trick plz help me……….

  56. Mohit Says:

    I wanna some hacking trick plz help me now

  57. Mohit Says:

    plz reply me dear member

  58. adeyinka seun Says:

    pls i want k now how to hack….. pls can any one teach me how to start pla?……. waiting to hear from you…

  59. loweh huratius Says:

    hi guys i really enjoy hacking but don’t know where to start.i’m a computer technician an I T with A+ knowledge.i want to learn hacking.please help me out.

  60. zee xhua Says:

    i wanna ask those out there who know how to hack, what is the easiest way to learn hacking?????????

    thanks and hope i will get better answer !!!!!!

  61. dipti ranjan mishra Says:

    i wanna strt my hacking frm facebook website n im vry much curious for that is der ny body who can teach me hacking…..

  62. Vaibhav Kumar Says:

    Hi there. I am interested to Hack. Ready to pay reasonable fee who ever would like to teach me. Thanks.

  63. tyler Says:

    i beg of anyone who can teach me how to hack.So need it

  64. Ethical hacking in hyderabad Says:

    Learning hacking is the intresting thing ever…

  65. zeta Says:

    Im an experienced hacker.My team & I can hack any email id

    (yahoo,gmx,gmail,hotmail,rocketmail,sina,etc),irrespective of the

    reason,ie monitoring cheating spouses,protecting a family member,get ur

    compromised account back,delete a mail u dont want the target to

    get,payback or whatever personal or non-personal reason you may have for a

    reasonable fee.I always provide proof before payment so you know you are

    not being scammed.Send me a mail “zetabug (at) gmx (dot) com”.We try to

    reply every client ASAP & execute the project in the quickest time-frame


  66. Hamza Turk Says:

    hw i can learn facebook hacking plz guide me plzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ…!!!

  67. Jayed khan Says:

    Hi i learn facebook hacking

  68. gizmo Says:

    i need help man, I got a website built for my company, but needed it updated, can’t get hold of the builder. i got another company to build a better website but using same address as original website. to show new website i have to change dns settings, i cant get hold of original builder, to get him to change them, any ideas?

  69. vankamlokesh223@gmail.com Says:

    hello i am also want to become a hacker plz….. please teach me

  70. Abdul Says:

    To u my masters i like to be d 1 of your boys

  71. JG Says:

    If you want to learn hacking you can check here, VIPHF is a friendly forum full of experienced pentesters, coders, and even graphic designers , http://goo.gl/k2bNZO

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