84,000 Hits! My blog Rocks!

Blog stats! It’s always the coolest thing about blogging. Having a big number, I’m sure all ma fellow bloggers will agree with me, That blog hits for a blogger is like an ice cream for a kid! They both love to have more and more, and some more. I felt so glad to be a blogger, In early days, when I was having 10 or 15 (or very much less than that) Hits per day to my blog, I couldn’t be happier when I had 120 hits one day, But now my blog got way more than that, I still love to have more and more. Why are we bloggers love to have more hits to our blog? I don’t know about all, but I think many bloggers including me, feel that we are helpful to the others, It’s really nice when we can share our knowledge with another knowledge seeker, It’s the human nature, to feel special (happy) when you help someone with knowledge or opinions or… anything. I think that “happy feeling” is the gift from the nature to the man who is helpful to the others. And when people show him their grace by leaving a comment..nothing could be better.

This is the way I feel about my blogging life. I think many bloggers think the same way while some others may thinking in a complete different way. Who knows? may be you do.  If you are a blogger, what do you think you are blogging for?



3 Responses to “84,000 Hits! My blog Rocks!”

  1. Buddhika Siddhisena Says:

    Congrats! Wow thats a lotta hits. Do you know what post triggered 84k hits?

    Anyway keep up the good work and keep those hits coming!

  2. seejay Says:

    Thanks Bud! It’s really nice to have a comment by you! Anyways did you saw that link to your blog on ma right side bar?

  3. Parthi Says:

    i agree with you..its such a great feeling from someone u never know come and comment on one of your posts and say it changed their life or that post meant alot to them…its amazing..congrats!

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