Transform Firefox into Safari

The best thing about this is,You can have all the features of Firefox and some cool features of Safari at the same time.

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Win a 24″ Wide Screen LCD Monitor

Where would you go when you wanna make money online? Where else John Chow dot Com right?,Now John Chow dot com is up to something really cool. This time they are giving away a brand new 24″ wide screen LCD monitor! from LG Electronics. The L245WP is the latest in a string of award winning monitors from LG. The wide screen LCD features digital HDMI input, 1920×1200 resolution, 1000 to 1 contrast ratio and a fast 8ms response time. The contest is sponsored by BlueFur, who wants to let you know that they’re hosting Canada and the rest of the world. Its really easy to join the contest so why don’t you give it a try? -SeeJay

How to use Multiple Gmail accounts at once with Firefox

Not only Gmail you can login to any site using any number of user names at the same time. No need to log out and login again with another user name.This easy trick is really a time saver.

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How to avoid becoming a victim of laptop theft

You have a 1 in 10 chance your shiny new laptop will be stolen. And the real shocker: according to the FBI 97% are never recovered.

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30 Firefox Extensions used by the best Web Developers in the world

Did you know that Firefox is a very Powerful web developing tool? Here are the top 30 extremely useful Firefox Extensions to increase your Web Developing Productivity.

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Online Firefox!- Use the same Firefox Wherever you go!

There was a time when all the internet cafes and office computers had only Internet Explorer installed. Few of us Firefox fans missed our Firefox running home computer very much at that time. Luckily now almost every computer has Firefox installed so we don’t have to worry about missing all those invaluable features like tabbed browsing, keyboard short cuts etc.
But there’s another problem. We miss all our favorite Extensions Book marks and themes when we are outside. 😦 Don’t worry theres a nice way we can solve that more at the CyberCapital.Org
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Have you seen Bill’s Apple G5? Even Microsoft Bought G5’s

A worker has taken this photo (in 2003) on the way to MSCopy, the print shop he worked, which was in the same building as MS’s shipping and receiving). Three palettes of Dual 2.0Ghz G5’s on their way in to somewhere deep in the bowels of Redmond. The guy was Fired by Microsoft for taking this photo.-SeeJay

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