How to Describe a Command in Linux

A little linux howto

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Looks like its my zerO’day! I mean B’day

It’s my 21st B’day and probably the worst one ever 😦 life sucks! But who cares? 😈

Firefox the movie

Did any of you know that there’s a movie called Firefox? Well, there is a one and it’s Awesome!!!

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Using VMware to install Windows in Linux

Running Windows through the Linux operating system allows you to run Windows-only programs without having to dual boot. VMware is a program which enables you to install Windows or any other OS in a virtual machine on Linux. Using VMware isn
’t that difficult, so why not give it a try? Ok lets go for it!

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The Winner of the Revolutionary Blog contest is…

Ok guys (and gals) We’ve been waiting more than enough for this. So without further delay… hem hem… The winner is….

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