“Beautiful” tab switching for Firefox 3

Among Firefox 3 pending improvements it a cool tab preview feature that shows actual thumbnails of the currently opened tabs. The feature is currently available as an experimental extension developed by Dão Gottwald, but could make its way to Firefox 3 final code.

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Digg triggers false start on Firefox 3

A false Firefox 3 report on Digg has caused headaches for Mozilla and confusion for users.The trouble started early on Wednesday morning when a Digg posting claimed that the first beta version of Firefox 3.0.1 had been posted by developers.

Mozilla explained that there was no beta of Firefox available to the public, and that the Digg poster had instead linked to a release candidate…. read more on CyCap.Org

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Firefox the movie

Did any of you know that there’s a movie called Firefox? Well, there is a one and it’s Awesome!!!

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Firefox Command Line Arguments For Newbies

Did you know that there are CLA’s in Firefox? If you didn’t You better read this..
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Firefox : Easy way to get involved

If you’re a Firefox fan and you’d like to get more seriously involved
with the project, this is a great place to start

Protect your privacy with these Firefox Add-ons

Ever wanted to cover your tracks when browsing the internet? I bet you did. So here are 7 Firefox Add-ons that will help you to protect your privacy.

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Transform Firefox into Safari

The best thing about this is,You can have all the features of Firefox and some cool features of Safari at the same time.

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