Digg triggers false start on Firefox 3

A false Firefox 3 report on Digg has caused headaches for Mozilla and confusion for users.The trouble started early on Wednesday morning when a Digg posting claimed that the first beta version of Firefox 3.0.1 had been posted by developers.

Mozilla explained that there was no beta of Firefox available to the public, and that the Digg poster had instead linked to a release candidate…. read more on CyCap.Org

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The Winner of the Revolutionary Blog contest is…

Ok guys (and gals) We’ve been waiting more than enough for this. So without further delay… hem hem… The winner is….

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24 hours left to enter the Revolutionary Blog contest! Hurry up!!!

Ok guys! There’s only one day left in the Revolutionary Blog contest. We’ll draw a winer exactly within 24 hours means 11.59 pm on 30th September. You could still enter this contest  if you hurry or you can stay until tomorrow to checkout who’s the winner. So good luck to you all !!!

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Serious PIC – The Cheapest Linux installed Computer in the World

Just look at the Pic. You’ll understand why it is this much cheap…

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Miro – The “Firefox” of Media Players

All I gotta tell you guys is, become a proud user of Miro Before people laugh at you for using those pathetic Closed Source Media players. Just like we are laughing at IE users

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Firefox Inside Firefox

Hellow Fellows!
You know that many of us spend lot of our computing time on the internet and most of that time we use Firefox tabs to open all our favorite sites and services inside Firefox right?, yes, Gmail inside Ff, Yahoo inside Ff, ebay inside Ff, Banking inside Ff ect. ect. ect… With all these favorites inside Firefox, How about opening Firefox inside Firefox? Not bad ha? and its really easy too! just type in this url in a new tab in Firefox and there you go! Firefox inside Firefox!


Disclaimer: I guarantee that this will work with Firefox. But I have no responsibility of any damage that cause Internet Explorer users by Using this with IE to Open Firefox inside IE 😆

update: feel free to visit my new blog http://seejay.net for more Firefox tricks!