i would take a bullet for u

Saw this story on Rochelle’s FaceBook home page and just couldn’t resist posting it here. So here goes.


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Looks like its my zerO’day! I mean B’day

It’s my 21st B’day and probably the worst one ever 😦 life sucks! But who cares? 😈

Hap P B’Day Randy!!!

Ha ha! Can’t believe? I don’t blame you coz I forgot every year during the last 20 years 😯 but not this time!!! So here goes!
HAPPY B’DAY RANDY! CAN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU GUYS ON OUR NEXT (best in the world) Beach (LAN) PARTY :TWISTED: (I’ll make it the best beach party ever. And that’s a Promise!)

PS: Hey randy! Hows da b’day card I mailed you? Will you believe me if I tell youΒ  that Aish took $4.5 million for that one? 😈 yeah! the price is a little bit too high, but thanks to our buddy CNX she didn’t took that much from me. lol

Have you seen Bill’s Apple G5? Even Microsoft Bought G5’s

A worker has taken this photo (in 2003) on the way to MSCopy, the print shop he worked, which was in the same building as MS’s shipping and receiving). Three palettes of Dual 2.0Ghz G5’s on their way in to somewhere deep in the bowels of Redmond. The guy was Fired by Microsoft for taking this photo.-SeeJay

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84,000 Hits! My blog Rocks!

Blog stats! It’s always the coolest thing about blogging. Having a big number, I’m sure all ma fellow bloggers will agree with me, That blog hits for a blogger is like an ice cream for a kid! They both love to have more and more, and some more. I felt so glad to be a blogger, In early days, when I was having 10 or 15 (or very much less than that) Hits per day to my blog, I couldn’t be happier when I had 120 hits one day, But now my blog got way more than that, I still love to have more and more. Why are we bloggers love to have more hits to our blog? I don’t know about all, but I think many bloggers including me, feel that we are helpful to the others, It’s really nice when we can share our knowledge with another knowledge seeker, It’s the human nature, to feel special (happy) when you help someone with knowledge or opinions or… anything. I think that “happy feeling” is the gift from the nature to the man who is helpful to the others. And when people show him their grace by leaving a comment..nothing could be better.

This is the way I feel about my blogging life. I think many bloggers think the same way while some others may thinking in a complete different way. Who knows? may be you do.Β  If you are a blogger, what do you think you are blogging for?


Happy B’Day Buddy!

    I have done it again I forgot Ma mango Bud ChanuX’s birthday 😦 Yes I’m really careless to do so! I’m ashamed to tell you guys how chanuX with aza & randy planned my birthday party! I didn’t even remember ma own b’day when they were planning to celebreate it. And you knw what? I forgot all three birth days of ma best buds 😦 chanuX’s was the third 😦 Now I’m starting to beleve that ma parents are right, I’m not becoming a Geek I’m already a stupid Geek!!! Damn it i didn’t even remembered it until i saw it on ChanuX’s blog!!! I feel really upset about it. I really do!
    ChanuX Buddy! I’m really sorry I forgot your Birth day! Please don’t forgive me!!! kill me!!! I diserve it!!!

previous caption Shows how busy I Was :D

OK guys here it is…..
    After the last couple of posts i published here. Someone(guess who?) found my poor writings πŸ˜‰ interesting enough to read, and offered me a new deal. Guess what! now I’m the Editor Of the upcoming C….C……DOTorg. Whooo hooo!….Oops! gotta behave well now πŸ˜€ Anyways I’m sorry I won’t tell you the site Url coz its a Surprise!!! Hopefully I’ll give it in ma next post. I think now you guys can understand how busy I was,in last week. I had to work with ma full potential coz we @ C.C.org needs to give you guys the best. Ok! what so special about CC.Org? you might ask.
    Nothing special! except its being updated (daily,hopefully!) by a bunch of tech Geeks,who knows nothing more to do, than sitting in front of the computers, even in the Breakfast /lunch/ Dinner time πŸ˜€ But I’m Sure, these guys (including me) will make sure that you get the best out of the web.
    So I think I’ve given you enough excuses for my sudden disappearance,and i got to get back to work now coz got damn lot to do! Oh did you see that? i didn’t even had enough time to put a caption to ma previous post but thanks to my blogging  tool Performancing it was automatically named as post1 πŸ˜€